all i need is time in your embrace

In a time when we have to stay indoors, as I just became a mother for the first time, I’m extra grateful for the time we can spend together as a family. Whereas my husband used to work full-time in an office in Rotterdam, now we spend every day together at home, where he can be very involved as a father. We can never go back to this moment in time. Everything is now different than usual in a world that’s upside down, but together at home we can enjoy what really matters. Our new family, together every day. Back to basic. Exactly where we should be more often in a world that ordinarily seems to fly by.

This photo series is at odds with the world in which we usually live. A world in which we never seem to be satisfied with what our lives already have, as if we always want to achieve more and more. A world in which family no longer seems to be good enough. I decided that I would capture family life, as it is something I get a lot of satisfaction and love from, especially because I never knew this before I created it for myself. After a childhood in which safety, security and love were not the main priority, I’m now looking for these things. Looking for the intimacy I missed in my youth; the intimacy I don’t really know at all. This photo series is thus actually a search for that intimacy that I did not get from my parental home.

This project has been brought together in a book, all i need is time in your embrace. Click here for more information.